Streetscape Picture Scroll Art Project started at Omoide-Yokocho (Memory Lane) in Shinjuku Japan in 2007. This project can produce a good communication on the street by painting the streetscape with many people around the street. It is easy to paint it because what you do is putting color on a streetscape line drawing we prepared. A finished Streetscape Picture Scroll should be beautiful so you can be proud of it. This site will show you more about this project.
KASAO Atsushi (Communication Artist)
taking pictures of shops by all people there together
1 Take many photos of the streetscape from different view points and connect these photos to make a panoramic view photo of the street profile.
coloring the line drawing created from pictures taken
2 Make a line drawing from the panoramic view photo and paint it by water color painting with many people on the street.
exhibiting the big noren painted a street profile of Omoide Yokochou
3 Print the finished water colored streetscape out on the Big noren (a noren is a Japanese@shop curtain adorning the entrance ways of Japanese restaurants) and exhibit the big noren near that street.